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Saturday, June 7, 2008

"OUCH!", I Say!

Well, been a while since I've posted. Been VERY busy.

Travelling (Washington, D.C., Charlotte,N.C., Birmingham, Orlando). Driving. Flying. Drawing (Mardi Gras, commissions).

Working. Much drama. Alice. Twins (Tina & Wendell have two grubworms now). Wrecks (rear-ended). Repairs (eventually).Ass-busting (slipped on slimey asphalt). Trying to finish paintings, some for twins' room & others.

Never DID post revelations about Orlando trip, because I neglected to take a photo of the subject matter. While I was at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS ORLANDO, I was shocked and appalled. Stunned, even. We had been there for a few days, and finally made it to Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Cafe. Ordered drinks (fruity tropical drinks in souvenir glasses), enjoyed the venue and people-watching. Great ambience. Casual dining and fun with family.

After ordering and giving the waitress our menus, I began to appreciate the decor and surroundings. Everything was lovely until I noticed the rustic image on the table-top of a nautical map, laminated by layers of urethane acrylic. It was an authentically-rendered old-world map of the Caribbean, and I appreciated the design until I noticed a glaring error.

THEY MIS-SPELLED "MARGARITAVILLE". I did a double-take, thinking I might be mistaken, but there it was. "MAGARITAVILLE". Plain as day. One "R".

I thought to myself surely this can't be right. I informed my party, and they confirmed my suspicions. Cautiously, I checked the surrounding tables. There were two alternating designs, and the mass-produced grammatical error was repeated on EVERY OTHER TABLE.

This cast a pall on an otherwise lovely, relaxing day. Problem was, I was so distraught and disappointed, that after a variety of frozen concoctions I forgot to gather photographic evidence.

I apologize, but if you get down there, or know of someone who is going, please get a picture and forward it to me for posting both here and my website.

Thank you.


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