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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bride Gets Pre-Nup Energy Boost

Michelle Frazier, here surrounded by bridesmaids as she waits in a small chapel outside the church sanctuary, eats a pre-marital snack as the clock ticks down to kickoff.
Poor image quality due to the fact I snapped these with my phone....!
More pre-ceremony pics to follow!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The BIG Day! My Baby Gets Hitched!

Well, it's finally here! The day that has occupied the waking thoughts of my lovely wife Alice every day for the past year! (And Michelle called her several times daily just to be certain!)
I am proud to say that my beautiful stepdaughter Michelle Frazier will officially become the bride of Mr. Christopher Hundley in a few hours! It looks like the worst weather will be past us by the time of the nuptials, and the second wave of storms will come through later, after the ceremony...!
The rehearsal was a success, and many thanks to Forrest & Terry Hundley, parents of the groom, for a wonderful rehearsal dinner down at Cafe 615. The food was fabulous!
Thanks to all of the friends and family who travelled in for these events, and thanks to everyone for their well-wishes.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Link!

I've just added a nifty permanent link to a cool cartoon/comics-related blog by renowned comic and storyboard artist Sherm Cohen. The blog features cartoon, comic and storyboard info, as well as classic comic art and animation gems.
See it Here!
Mr. Cohen is an animation veteran, with a resume including "Hey, Arnold!", "The Simpsons", "Spongebob Squarepants", "Phineas & Ferb", and the new "Kick Buttowski". I will soon be picking up tips from him via his "Storyboard Elements" dvd & handouts.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Furiouser and Furiouser.....!

Mardi Gras float designing.....!
'Day job'.....!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Legendary Comic Artist Dick Giordano Dies

Self portrait by Dick Giordano for Nov. 2003 tome


- Comic Books Resources ( reports that Dick Giordano, legendary penciler, inker, and editor for DC Comics has passed away at age 77. A freelance penciler and inker from the 1950's into 1965, Giordanobecame editor in chief of Charlton Comics, the company in which Steve Ditko created characters under his watch such as the Question and Captain Atom. He also gave first breaks to other legendary artistic talents such as Jim Aparo and writer Denny O' Neil. A New York native, by the end of the 1960's he had been hired by DC as an editor as well as an inker, always producing by deadline. He often worked alongside Neal Adams on runs on BATMAN as well asGREEN ARROW/GREEN LANTERN, among other projects such as SUPERMAN VS. SPIDER-MAN and SUPERMAN VS. MUHAMMAD ALI. He became Executive Editor in 1983 and held that position until 1993. During that reign, the two most famous works he authorized were "CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS", which helped create and cement the "cross over event" in comics, as well as Alan Moore's "WATCHMEN", where he encouragedMoore to create characters based on Charlton Comics characters rather than use those characters outright, to make it more timeless. Talent such as Marv Wolfman heralded Giordano as a "line editor" - an editor who advises without heavy handed orders. In his later years, he worked for Hero Initiative, an organization which seeks to help old retired comic book creators and artists. Current DCartist and Wildstorm editor Jim Lee stated how it was Giordano's brief words of encouragement in a rejection letter that helped Jim Lee continue to plug away and try to enter the industry (which he did, at Marvel Comics). Current top DC editor Dan DiDio called Giordano "an inspiration" and Diane Nelson, president of DC Entertainment, stated that, "Dick Giordano has left a lasting legacy as a comic book artist and as a DC Comics executive." His long time collaborator and friend Neal Adamsstated, "Inking my work was the LEAST significant thing that Dick did for-meant to me. I loved Dick like a brother and a friend. He cared for and loved me. I was made better by him. For a time, we were partners, on a handshake. NO ONE didn't like Dick Giordano and respect him. Who can say that? Look at that face. JUST,...look at it." Another giant of the comic industry, gone. R.I.P.


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