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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays! Been pretty busy with work, family, holidays and such. Here's a treat from the Rankin-Bass classic "Year Without a Santa Claus", one of my personal favorites:

This clip also includes a new version of the song from the new "Miser Brothers Christmas".
The Miser Brothers song was (and still is) one of my all-time favorite tunes from the many holiday specials I waited all year to see when I was a youngster. I didn't really appreciate the stars who voiced these characters then, but now I realize they must have had a blast recording.
Can't honestly say that I ever out-grew those shows. I must admit that I will still sit and watch them whenever they air.
And I sing along.
If I had a straw hat and cane, I'd probably be doing the dance.....

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Man Behind The Mouse

You can read a good article about Walt Disney by clicking on the title of this post. It was interesting to me, anyway.....!

Above is a picture of Walt Disney and his partner Ubbe Iwerks, along with their iconic creation.

Congratulations to Over-Achieving BAMA

The University of ALABAMA Crimson Tide was defeated on last night's SEC Championship Game in a gritty, hard-fought contest by the FLORIDA GATORS 31-20. Congratulations to The Gators, and good luck against whover you will beat in The BCS.
The Game was tabbed by everyone correctly as a National Championship Playoff. Most people (including myself) didn't realistically expect BAMA to get this far this year. We were cautiously optimistic early on in the season, and pleasantly surprised by our surge in the opener against Clemson. Confidence built as the year wore on and the victories piled up. No chance against Clemson. WRONG. Georgia would destroy us. WRONG. Sure to be upset by Tennessee. WRONG. (What I also find funny is that all of these were supposedly superior teams, but after ALABAMA beat them they "must not have been that good anyway..!")
The TIDE showed class and character the entire season, showing up to work every day and silencing the critics, many of whom had written BAMA off. Most of the knowledgeable pundits and fans, along with Coach Saban, figured they were still a year away from really competing for the SEC title, much less being a win away for playing for ALL THE MARBLES...!

With a likely trip to the Sugar Bowl coming up, ALABAMA showed what can happen when they play as a team-- something that was lacking last year from some hold-overs of the previous Shula regime. Having another potentially top-ranked recruiting class will only add the energy and excitement surrounding the Program-- AND "The PROCESS".

Thursday, December 4, 2008

SABAN Domination Drives SEC Coaches Out

Okay. I know this picture is from last year, but now it's relevent. Coach Nick Saban is a 'coach-killer'. Just ask all the guys currently job-hunting. Bowden. Fulmer. Croom. Tuberville.
Ah..... Poor Tubby...! I actually kinda felt bad for the guy...for about a minute! I wanted both him and Fil Phulmer to stick around and take their come-uppance like men!

Could Les Miles be next....? Those crazy bayou cajuns are hollering for HIS head, just one year removed from the BCS Championship.
By the way, here's a good read from a disgruntled LSU fan:

It's great... to BE..... from ALABAMA...!


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