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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"ART Story" Animated Feature Gets Kickstart

Nice read over on The WRAP about the quest by veteran Disney animators Chuck Williams and Aaron Blaise for funding to create a fresh, imaginative movie combining Animation with both Classic and Modern Art. The pics and snippets look beautiful and very interesting!
The pair have put their project up over on KICKSTARTER, a funds-seeking website.
Read the story HERE.

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Simpsons/FAMILY GUY Crossover...? "The FORCE" is Strong in DANVILLE...?

For REAL...?
Simpsons/Griffins slated for 'Duel to the Death' on "Phineas & Ferb"...?
An unimaginable event is occurring. Actually, TWO unbelievable crossovers are happening. BOTH have a connection to DAN POVENMIRE, one of the co-creators of Disney's PHINEAS & FERB.
In a never-to-be-fathomed happening, two of FOX Television Animation's biggest, longest-running, and most-popular shows are having an epic cross-over: "FAMILY GUY" stars The Griffin Family will visit Springfield to meet "The Simpsons"
Plus, an ALSO barely-imagined merging will take place: "PHINEAS & FERB" will join with "The Force" in a STAR WARS cross-over. (If I were still a 20-year-old fanboy, my head would explode!
Ironically, DAN POVENMIRE once worked on BOTH "The Simpsons" AND "FAMILY GUY"...!
Read the PHINEAS and FERB article over at Animation Magazine , and about the GRIFFINS/SIMPSONS 'Battle Royale'.


Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, REMBRANDT!

Talk about a man truly before his time.
 Based on the drawing below, there is only one possible conclusion: It appears the famous Rembrandt was a BAMA fan almost 300 Years BEFORE there even WAS a University of ALABAMA!
Today marks the 407th anniversary of REMBRANDT VAN RIJN's birth. The influential Dutch artist inspired so many legions of artists and painters in every generation since, that 'Legendary' isn't even a strong enough word to describe him.
 His genius lives on, and will be celebrated for centuries to come...! Heck, Google even made him their 'Title Logo' for the day, seen below:
Read more at The Rembrandt Official Site , or HERE .


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