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Monday, November 22, 2010

You Call This A "Parts House"...?? (Part 1)

I was so mad Friday afternoon, I could hardly see straight. Aside from common courtesy and initiative being dead, I have to say what I suspected all along. "People are STUPID."
A quick lunchtime trip to Wal*Mart to grab some necessities turned into a frustrating ordeal and lasted for two and a half hours. I had been in need of a battery for my truck for a little while, and decided to run by Auto Zone to nab one pretty quickly.
Of course, with the issues I've had with my back I can't do any lifting, so I informed the manager on duty who was actually taking my sale. Of course, he was courteous and cooperative, but by contrast the little young gook-boy employee was typical 'new-generation': slow-moving, un-motivated, and seemingly inconvenienced by my very existence.
All he had to do was carry a battery outside-- I mean just directly outside the front door, as I had parked as closely as possible, and carry the old one (the core) back in. I was actually gonna 'un-ass' and 're-attach' the batteries myself! Even this was greeted with the same enthusiasm.
Heavy sighs. Foot-dragging. The whole nine yards.
After I finally got my old battery disconnected, I discovered some corrosion & saw that I needed a long battery bolt. THERE WAS NOT A SINGLE ONE IN THE STORE.
Unbelievable. So, there I was, stranded in front of an auto parts store with no battery bolt.
Called Jamey from work to help me out. I THOUGHT this would be a good idea, as I was stuck between his lunch site and our workplace.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Heisman Trophy Drawing

I recently was inclined to update the 'Heisman' pose drawing like the one I drew last year for ALABAMA's Mark Ingram. Below is THIS year's:
This is the 2010 "$cam Newton" Edition....!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


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