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Sunday, September 16, 2007


Pass the defibrillator.

Or, more accurately, ALABAMA 41, Arkansas 38.
Familiar hard-fought nail-biter. With a twist. Bama jumps out to a big lead, Razorbacks make comeback. Tide extends lead, Razorbacks make comeback. I was starting to get nervous, as I had seen this all-too common scenario before.
But the $4 million a year paid off as ALABAMA CAME FROM BEHIND IN THE FOURTH QUARTER TO WIN, OVER A TOP-20 TEAM to boot!
I was wrong in some of my picks, but it doesn't matter. ALABAMA won, AT home, AT night, on National television, to a divisional SEC opponent.
And Florida pounded tennessee.

And auburn lost. To Mississippi State. And, as evidenced below, the plainsmen-war eagle-tigers or whatever have been up-ended. Again.
....And when they turn up-right, this is what they look like:
Go, Bulldogs!
I shall sleep well tonight.

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