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Monday, September 3, 2007

Whatever Happened to 'Stefanie Laine'...?

Whatever DID happen to Stefanie Laine?
This is a question many in the hillbilly country music community are still asking, years after the dynamic young and talented singer burst onto the scene with the promise of a long and illustrious career. The beautiful and mysterious Ms. Laine was an early sensation in Nashville, and some experts predicted she would be around for a very long time.

Was it simply bad timing? Was she not 'country enough'...?
Whatever the reason, many fans are still wondering about this mysterious blonde bombshell with the strong voice who captivated their hearts with her faithful renditions of Patsy Cline classics. Her outgoing stage presence and personality had soon caught the attention of producers, and she was cast as a regular on one of country music's longest-running and most successful television shows:

Rumors of a fling involving The Hager Twins were never actually verified, and many surviving cast members declined to comment. A regular for the last few years of the show, this still below is one of the few surviving images featuring Ms. Laine:

If you look directly over Roy Clark's shoulder, you can see Stefanie peeking out during a classic cast sing-along. She is sitting next to the legendary Ernest Borgnine.
If anyone has any information on this enigmatic entertainer, please let someone know.

On a related note, here is a tidbit I thought you'd enjoy:

WHy don't we THAT on television more...?

NOW onto more important things: ALABAMA 52, West Carolina 6. Though nothing was actually established in the way of what can be expected of The Tide this season, the players got a chance to run some plays and hit someone different than each other. It's a "W", Saban wins his first game, and we look forward to the next tune-up with Vandy.
More on this later. Roll Tide.

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