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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tide Wins Recruiting War...! Sour Grapes Aplenty!

Man, oh, man!
It's funny how all of these LSU fans and Aubarners are concerned about Alabama and quick to spout off about The Tide's irrelevance. If we're such has-beens, how could we have taken the eventual national champions to the wire this past season, and generate as much or more NATIONAL NEWS COVERAGE than anyone else by signing the TOP RECRUITING CLASS IN THE COUNTRY...?
The LSU fans are STILL bitter about Nick Saban coming back to the SEC, and the tigers/war eagles/plainsmen/wtf can't understand why they get no respect for regularly beating up on a down program in perpetual dis-array.
The link below goes to an LSU fan blog that spends more time dissing Saban and Bama than celebrating their 2-loss National Championship season:

Coach Saban and his staff quietly and methodically amassed arguably one of the most skilled and talented group of sought-after athletes to stroll into Tuscaloosa in my recent memory. The lure of the Tradition at THE University of Alabama as well as a chance to play and contribute early seemed like a pretty good combination. It also helps thst Coach Saban has a history of producing top-round draft picks.


Devil Frog said...

The truth is that ALL Auburn fans and many LSU fans spend far more time talking about Alabama Football than they do their own teams.
Those are not Auburn and LSU fans. They are whiners who love to pull for underdogs rather then pull for a winner. Notice no matter how good Auburn plays they still have a loosers mentality. If Alabama had had the seasons that Auburn has recently Tiders would never need to mention another team. And even now with a split season we are all about 'our' team.

Roll Tide!

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