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Saturday, October 25, 2008

This Week's College Football Picks

Well, here we are again! Another Saturday, another tough SEC matchup between The University of Alabama Crimson Tide and the tennessee "vile: in tears". ESPN will showcase the contest of hated rivals to a national audience, and the hostile crowd and hot-seat that is phat fil phulmer's will be on display. ON display for Big Al to poop on!
Many of the so-called 'experts' have predicted a trap game or an upset, but don't look for that to be the case. Even without Terrence Cody, the defense should get to the viles quarterback early and often. Our coverage looks to be strong enough to keep whoever is under center back long enough for a sack or two.
Coach Saban has been preaching to The TIDE all week about a second-half letdown, so don't look for that to happen again. With so much now at stake, I doubt the players will let up.
As a BONUS, ESPN's Lee Corso picked tennessee, so we're a safe bet to Roll...!
42, tennessee 14

Now for the rest of this week's SEC picks:

Kentucky matches up pretty good, but the Gators are just too much. And too strong. Looks like Florida 45, Kentucky 24

Houston Nutt makes his first trip back to Little Rock since bolting for Ole Miss. The Razorbacks are improving but still a little wobbly. The Rebels have looked strong against everyone so far. OLE MISS 31, Arkansas 10

Vanderbilt hosts Duke in what could turn out to be an entertaining game. The Commodores need this one badly if they want a bowl game, as they will enter a tough SEC stretch next. I say VANDERBILT 28, Duke 17

Georgia travels to LSU for a 2:30 slugfest. LSU is cocky and over-confident (even after the pasting they took from Florida), and Georgia is desperately trying to prove they aren't as bad as the first half of the BAMA game. I think patience and skill will win out over bravado and risk. GEORGIA 31, LSU 21

Nationally, I'm thinking...
TEXAS 38, Oklahoma State 28
PENN STATE 28, Ohio State 24
Oklahoma 42, Kansas State 27
Southern Cal 49, Arizona 17
Texas Tech 42, Kansas 38

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