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Saturday, November 1, 2008

BAMA Homecoming & Other Picks....

Okay, it's homecoming, THE University of ALABAMA Crimson Tide is undefeated at 8-0, and a seemingly easy Arkansas State team is coming to town. Well, nothing is a given, and you can be SURE that Coach Saban will have The TIDE ready for a team that beat Texas A&M a few weeks back. Three letters have been prominently displayed throughout the entire athletic complex all season as a reminder of what can happen if you don't pay attention and play at 100%: "ULM". All he has to do is point to last year's homecoming defeat at the hands of Louisiana-Monroe to motivate this team. Alabama needs to pile up some points to stay at the forefront of the pollsters, or we could end up like the cow college a few years back: outside looking in when they play for all the marbles. If Texas Tech upsets Texas.....?
ALABAMA 49, Arkansas State 10

and Florida face off in what both university's presidents try not to call "The World's Largest Cocktail Party" (which is really inaccurate if you've ever been to ANY game in the cesspool that is Baton Rouge). All of the 'spite' crap aside, this looks to be an exciting game. Georgia, for the second year in a row, actually matches up pretty well against the Gators across the board. That being said, if they come out and play like the first half of the Bama game, Florida will put this so far out of reach it won't even be funny. But I don't think that will be the case.
Florida 45, Georgia 38

Kentucky 28, Mississippi State 10
LSU 28, Tulane 24
South Carolina 14, Tennessee 13
Arkansas 24, Tulsa 21

auburn at Ole Miss is really an enigma. Sure, some will say there is still some bitterness on the part of the Rebels toward Tommy "I'm not going anywhere" Tuberville in lieu of his leap to the tigers/plainsmen/war eagles/whatever. Different teams, different decade. The bottom line, two similiar teams heading in different directions. Sadly, this could possibly be the week auburn rights itself.
But probably not.
Ole Miss 21, auburn 14

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