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Friday, November 14, 2008

BAMA Hosts Mississippi State

Can sweet revenge be impressive enough to keep The Crimson Tide on top....?
The Mississippi State Bulldogs pay a visit to Bryant-Denny Stadium Saturday night in an SEC West matchup featuring a former Bama player and assistant coach under the legendary Paul Bear Bryant, Sylvester Croom, and a current coach hoping to propel The Tide back to the top of the college football world. To STAY.
Alabama needs to pound the Bulldogs (and those other guys in two weeks) pretty good for some 'style points' in the polls, or else we could find ourselves ranked 2nd or 3rd by the time the SEC Championship Game gets here. State generally plays us tough, and I have a lot of respect for Coach Croom (He would have been MY choice over DuBose, Shula, or Price). He is having a tough time this year, but I believe he's doing things the right way over there.
That being said, we owe them a whoopin'. Not to take away from their accomplishments, but Bama has literally given them the ballgame the past two years. That won't be the case this time. The Tide has a lot at stake, and I believe they'll step it up a notch.
Revenge this week will be sweet. If we get by this one, a win in two weeks will be REAL nice.
ALABAMA 38, Mississippi State 7

This week's SEC picks go something like this:

The Rebels get bowl-eligible for the first time since 2003 by beating Louisiana-Monroe (yes, THAT Louisiana-Monroe).

Ole Miss 28, ULM 14

LSU 28, Troy 14

Steve Spurrier is a great coach. Sneaky. Innovative. Bold. Cocky. None of this will matter as the Gamecocks travel to Gainesville. The Gators are just too much, even for the Ol' Ball Coach.

FLORIDA 42, South Carolina 17

Vanderbilt and Kentucky is a toss-up. Two similiar teams, 'Cats in a bowl, 'Dores looking to be bowl-eligible.

Now for the weird. Georgia was highly-ranked. Strong, fast, un-beatable. auburn was highly-regarded. Fancy new "spread offense" and all. The Dawgs were edumacated by The Tide. The Tigers have been schooled, fooled, re-tooled and un-spooled. Georgia has played well, with the exception of a couple of spankings by Bama and Florida. Auburn, on the other hand, has sputtered after a quick start which was halted- abruptly- by none other than Mississippi State. The tigers were VERY lucky to get out of that offensive showcase alive....! The Bulldogs will be about a kajillion-point favorite, but for some reason I think this could be close. Maybe too close.

Could this be the week the tigers/plainsmen/war-eagles/whatever put it together...? Do they shock the nation...? Accidentally score a touchdown...? Upset the Dawgs..? Does Tubby Tomerville save his job...?

Not likely. GEORGIA 21, auburn 20

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