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Saturday, November 8, 2008

SABAN Returns With TIDE To LSU

Do you smell corn-dogs...? If you've ever been to the cesspool that is Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, you KNOW what I'm talking about. That place just smells funny.
And the home crowd is the rudest, most vulgar and inhospitable bunch you'd ever want to meet. They are openly hostile and verbally abusive. I would not recommend visitors take their families to a game there, especially at night after LSU fans have had all day to get liquored-up. Lucky for The Tide it's a day game, so maybe everyone wearing purple and gold won't be cursing, falling down, and puking...!
They have always hated Alabama. (A 20-year home losing record will do that to ya!) Sure, they've had some recent success-- barely-- and now they fear us. We're on the rise, and Saban's recruits are graduating...! They try to lay all the blame on Saban, but he left their cupboard full of talent. They act like he left straight from Baton Rouge to Tuscaloosa, conveniently forgetting that HE LEFT THEM FOR THE NFL!
Anyway, I know the 'tigahs' will be fired up, but ALABAMA is just too strong and talented. LSU may keep it close early, but a superior CRIMSON TIDE will shut them down. Heck, we might even hold them to a goose-egg..! Look for the home sides of the stadium to empty out early.

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