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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Post-Construction, Pre-Completion Float Designs

Okay. I had an odd request. One of the Mobile Mardi Gras organizations wanted a rendering of a new permanent 'title float'. A float that was already near completion.
Usually, the floatbuilder (In this case Mirthco, Inc.'s Steve Mussell) approaches me with the concept, and tells me what he wants. We work from 'thumbnail roughs' to decide on a final design. This time, he had already completed the design, and was nearly finished with the final phase of construction before painting. The Mystic Society then requested a pair of finished design drawings of the float: one for the outgoing president, and one for the organization to keep and hang on display.
Since he was in the middle of finishing several parades, the builder had no time for this commission. He gave me a call, I went down and took a few pics of the float, and we talked about the color scheme and specific colors. I then went home and knocked out a couple of finished drawings.
Here is a shot of the sculpture, already mounted but not yet papered, primed, painted and and sealed:

Here is my interpretation of what I conceived it would look like after our discussions:

Of course, the colors changed, but I had already completed and delivered the finished drarrings..........

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