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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Heart Palpitations...!

Well, both The University of Alabama Crimson Tide and the New Orleans Saints football teams had me on the edge of my seat all weekend. It wasn't pleasant, at least not until the final guns of either contest.
Inconsistent quarterback play and failure to punch the ball into the end zone in short yardage situations continue to haunt The Tide. Thankfully, Terrence Cody has some mighty big meat-hooks.... and armpits! Alabama was fortunate that Lee Tiffin has gotten into a groove, or we might have been cringing in anguish today.
We have a week off to heal and prepare for the always-dangerous LSU Tigers. Have to play a LOT better on the offensive side if we are to remain undefeated down the stretch.
Roll Tide.

The New Orleans Saints had to come from behind-- waaay behind-- to defeat the Miami Dolphins and remain undefeated. The Phins were playing waaay over their heads for three quarters, but the Saints finally got it together. Drew Brees threw more picks today than he has all season, but New Orleans didn't collapse. They stayed with their game plan, and pounded their way to victory.

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