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Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Waking Sleeping Beauty" An Interesting Film (To ME)

Just got home from catching a matinee showing of a limited-run engagement of "Waking Sleeping Beauty", an insider documentary about the rise (and subsequent fall) of Walt Disney Feature Animation in the late 80's and 1990's.
The flick offers a lot of behind-the-scenes home movies, photos and interviews.

Peter Schneider, Roy Disney, and Jeffrey Katzenberg (pictured below) are all featured in the film, as well as the vilified Michael Eisner, the man hand-picked by Roy to run the studio.
1970's CalArts students.

The animators feared Katzenberg for creating a pressure-cooker atmosphere, and ultimately he caught a lot of blame (warranted or not) for the collapse.

All in all, I enjoyed the film, and I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in the way things worked.

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