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Sunday, February 5, 2012


Mobile's OFFICIAL Mardi Gras celebration kicked off with the Conde Cavaliers Parade Friday night. Many more parades to follow, many balls, parties, and events.
Once again I designed a few of the parades to the builders' specifications as a representation to the Krewes and as a guide for the sculptors and painters, and, once again, was mainly uncredited in the little insert in the local fishwrapper/newspaper.
 For clarity, for Steve Mussell's MIRTHCO, Inc., I design/render the floats for The Mystic Stripers and for The Order of Polka Dots.
For Craig Stephens and Carnival Artists, I design/render the floats for The Order of Inca, The Mobile Mystics, Neptune's Daughters, Maids of Jubilee, Order of LaShe's, Knights of Ecor Rouge, The MCA Children's Floral, and various 'specials' and 'once-offs' like the new title floats for The Shadow Barons and The Conde Explorers.
 Several of the floats, and some ENTIRE parades, are rented by OTHER organizations and are seen rolling more than once. The design drawings will appear on my website, , a day or so AFTER they roll for the first time. Past parades also are featured prominently on the site.
Les Le Bon Temps Roule!!

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