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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Two Krewes...ONE Theme, and Political Correctness

 Every year, I design 9 or 10 individual Mardi Gras parades for two of the locally-based builders in Mobile, AL-- Carnival Artists and Mirthco, Inc. And, every year, there is usually some 'over-lap', as some of the Krewes (Mardi Gras organizations) will have identical or very similiar themes with one another, or one from a previous year.
 The challenge for me is to keep the designs original, while maintaining accuracy and balance, WITHOUT duplicating an existing or simultaneously-constructed float. At times this becomes difficult, as the season's particular float chairman for the parade (usually in one of the women's organizations) has been waiting and wanting this theme for years. This year was no exception, as both The Mobile Mystics and the Maids of Jubilee both had a "James Bond"-related parade (and ball) subject matter.
 Of course, "Live & Let Die" was included in both parades. In the MOJ's, we used a female figure- the Jane Seymour character- as a front figure, with voodoo theme completing the design, shown below.
 For the Mystics, I initially presented the voodoo chief, with other iconic images from the film.

 Due to the black front figure, this was deemed as possibly being considered 'racist' -even though he was a prominent and recognizeable character in the film. Below is the re-designed float,
with the airborne boat moved to the front, and the center ride made into swamp background. I thought it lost a little, but I am merely the draftsman. All of the designs can be seen over HERE on the Mardi Gras pages.

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