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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Back to the Ol' Drawing Board.....

 Well, after a brief visit out to LA-LA-Land to visit and connect, I am back in my chair-- both at the drawing table and the computer. Mardi Gras is calling, and I must finish in order to accept other commissions.
 Oddly enough, I had been slow and had received no responses to my solicitations for piecework. The day I was leaving for Burbank, I received an offer for a caricature commission. I politely declined, citing my looming departure. I also received an offer for a one-day caricature job, for which I was unavailable.
 The REAL kicker came when, after I had arrived out West, I received an inquiry about a FOUR-DAY GIG ON A CRUISE SHIP, banking SERIOUS bucks!! Of course, it was the same weekend I was away, so I was unavailable for this job, as well.

But I DID get to see CONAN.

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