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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The GRIMM Truth

NBC's "GRIMM" an entertaining update...!

Alright. I'll admit it. NBC's "GRIMM" has become my 'can't miss' TV show. I enjoy the premise. I like the acting and the characters. The stories-- which center around a descendant of the fabled "Grimms" who deals with a world inhabited by creatures of legend and lore-- are updated fables involving a different, modernized take in each episode.
Detective Burkhardt (a 'GRIMM'-- slayer of monsters) and his oblivious partner investigate a crime scene.... seemingly unaware that they have an audience....

The main character, who is the only one who can see these shape-shifters and storybook characters for what they really are, is aided by his friend-- a 'Bludbaten'. This is a nice twist and helps with continuity, explaining each episode the legend behind the 'adversary-of-the-week'.

I believe it has become my current 'favorite' show, now that both of my previous favorites-- "SMALLVILLE" and "CHUCK" --are now gone.

Now, ABC has their OWN thing going on with "ONCE UPON A TIME", a show that I haven't been watching regularly and need to catch up on. It comes on opposite other shows I try to watch (HBO's "Game of Thrones" and FOX's "FAMILY GUY"), but have been busy and travelling and such. 
This LOOKS to be a variation on Bill Willingham's "FABLES" graphic comics series from Vertigo
I HIGHLY recommend you check those out.

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