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Monday, July 22, 2013

The Simpsons/FAMILY GUY Crossover...? "The FORCE" is Strong in DANVILLE...?

For REAL...?
Simpsons/Griffins slated for 'Duel to the Death' on "Phineas & Ferb"...?
An unimaginable event is occurring. Actually, TWO unbelievable crossovers are happening. BOTH have a connection to DAN POVENMIRE, one of the co-creators of Disney's PHINEAS & FERB.
In a never-to-be-fathomed happening, two of FOX Television Animation's biggest, longest-running, and most-popular shows are having an epic cross-over: "FAMILY GUY" stars The Griffin Family will visit Springfield to meet "The Simpsons"
Plus, an ALSO barely-imagined merging will take place: "PHINEAS & FERB" will join with "The Force" in a STAR WARS cross-over. (If I were still a 20-year-old fanboy, my head would explode!
Ironically, DAN POVENMIRE once worked on BOTH "The Simpsons" AND "FAMILY GUY"...!
Read the PHINEAS and FERB article over at Animation Magazine , and about the GRIFFINS/SIMPSONS 'Battle Royale'.


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