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Thursday, February 12, 2015

STRIPERS Roll Tonight!

The Mystic Stripers Parade will take to the streets tonight, as it is their turn to literally 'have a ball' for their members & guests and display their wonderful rolling tableau for ALL to see!

 Today's post features a 'rough sketch' drawing that I created after speaking with the builder, Steve Mussell of Mirtcho, Inc. After he gets the theme, we discuss the parade and we doodle out some thumbnails. I then send him some simple drawings like this on to solidify placement and elements.

Rough pencil sketch of Mystic Stripers float for Mirthco, Inc. by Brent Amacker

Once the design is approved, a cleaner finished and inked drawing is rendered for review. 
Once okayed, the drawing is colored and the builders use it as a guide for construction.

Finished design drawing of Mystic Stripers parade float for Mirthco, Inc. by Brent Amacker

After the parade rolls, the complete lineup of float drawings will be displayed over at  BRENTOONS.COM over on the "Mardi Gras by MIRTHCO" page.

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