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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Up & Down: Alabama vs. Florida State

Two decades ago. Wow. What were the possibilities...?

Well, today THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE travels to Florida to take on the Florida State Seminoles in what should be an interesting matchup. I will not repeat all of the endless blather that has been written, spoken, printed or otherwise spewed this week about Bobby Bowden and past history.
Here is a pretty good read about his take on what might have been:
(Copy and paste this link to your browser. I am apparently so technologically retarded that I can't set up a link on this blog. Please pray for me.)
Sure, Bobby Bowden would have been a fine selection to replace Ray Perkins, and the past 20 years might have been different. More championships? More probations? A Heisman winner? I don't know.

The only thing I can tell you is that Coach Bowden is gonna get another nationally-televised whipping. I think the Georgia game served as a wake-up call to The Tide, and I think our players are hungry for a big-time, nationally-viewed contest. Coach Saban undoubtedly made them feel guilty for losing at home, and they will want to put to rest any perceptions of weakness or vulnerability. I hope we can do so.
The game will be at 4 cst in Jacksonville televised over on

Don't know how many more barbecue joints Todd Blackledge can find to critique, but if this keeps up he'll be as fat as I am....! I mean, I like watching the games on CBS, although sometimes their camera-work leaves a bit to be desired. But just like over on ESPN, I just mute the television and listen to ELI GOLD and KENNY "Snake" STABLER call the game on the radio. (Editor's Note: It can be a bit disconcerting after a few beers to try and match up the action with the commentary, as it will usually be out-of-sync.)

Yeah, after The Tide gets through spanking the Seminoles, we'll understand why the facial expression of the Native American depicted on their logo looks like he's takin' it up the ol' poop-chute:

...Because he probably will have........! John Parker Wilson and the offense should get on track, hopefully keeping our defense off the field and rested. Darren Mustin and Brian Motley will be available, so I think we can keep up.
Prediction: ALABAMA 31, FSU 17

FLORIDA 45, auburn 21
South Carolina 21, Mississippi State 20
Georgia 21, Ole Miss 17
LSU 55, Tulane 3
Kentucky 38, Florida Atlantic 10
Vanderbilt 17, Eastern Michigan 13
Arkansas 35, North Texas 14

USC 34, Washington 21
Oklahoma 31, Colorado 10
Cal 29, oregon 27
Texas 41, Kansas State 28
Ohio State 42, Minnesota 14
Michigan State 17, Winsconsin 16
Rutgers 24, Maryland 17
Boston College 31, Massechussetts 7
Clemson 24, Georgia Tech 21
Virginia Tech 41, North Carolina 17
Hawaii 35, Idaho 20
Penn State 27, Illinois 9
Arizona St. 28, Stanford 16
San Diego St. 28, Cincinnati 24
Nebraska 35, Iowa St. 21


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