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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Missed a Follow-Up

Well, following the games last week, issues with either my browser or my Blogger service prevented me from giving my take on the ALABAMA-GEORGIA game. It was a fairly even match-up, as I predicted, only The Dawgs came out on top in overtime.
Quite honestly, there's not a hair's bit of difference between ALABAMA, Georgia, Arkansas, Kentucky, and whoever else in The SEC other than LSU and Florida.
And auburn might just surprise the Gators. (Please ask Ed O for details....!)
Bama will surely rise back to the top--eventually. We're not quite ready to assume the top of the heap just yet, but give Coach Saban a couple of years hoarding the studs and star recruits. Once we get his players assimilated into the system -along with the skeletal talent already in place- we will be dangerous. Dominant, even.
Watch out, Meyer. Move over, Spurrier. Quit crying, Miles. Everyone prepare to resume your positions. Behind Bama. It won't be this year. Maybe not even next year. But just wait.
There's a new Dark Lord in town. His Force will be strong.
And Crimson.

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