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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I HATE Orange.(or Will the REAL Fil Phulmer Please Stand Up?)

Well, it's 'Tennessee week' in Tuscaloosa. The hated 'big orange' and his volunteers visit The Capstone in a matchup that (for the first time in decades) isn't on national television. The traditional "Third Saturday in October" is now relegated to the Lincoln Financial (formerly Jefferson-Pilot) Network.
It's a sad fate for what was once THE matchup in October. And even moreso this year, with both teams experiencing less-than-stellar seasons. We all know the story of Fulmer and the 'secret witness to the NCAA' crap. I really find that whole ordeal disgusting, since Tee Martin's mom received a car and he got cash, and they didn't even get a slap on the wrist!
Don't be surprised to see Fatty Fulmer munching on a ham during a tv timeout...

....Or dealing with some yardbird.......

...Maybe with burgers and doughnuts for all......

Or, I just think of him this way:

This is actually a more pleasing and less disgusting image.

Here's a funny Notre Dame football ad for NBC. It's supposed to be a parody spot from Saturday Night Live.

I have to say, it's pretty funny.... And dangerously accurate!

Now, a word about last week before my prediction. Alabama won. Ole Miss lost. Get over it. It happens. All of these people who are saying it's just favoritism for Alabama are full of shit. (Please refer to last year's unpenalized end-zone mugging of DJ Hall during the Tennessee game. Or the one-hop off the grass td awarded to Arkansas a few years back) Bad calls and no-calls are numerous throughout the league. It happens to everybody.
Take your Pamprin and quit crying.

This week: Bama and Tennessee are both mediocre, at best. As I've said before, there's not much difference between ANYbody in the SEC. Hopefully, we will look better than we did against the Rebels.
PREDICTION: ALABAMA 24 tennessee 20

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