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Friday, October 12, 2007

The TRUTH About the OLE MISS Mascot

Well, it's "Ole Miss" week again. The University of Alabama plays the Rebels in the annual SEC matchup in what promises to be a boring, low-scoring matchup between two evenly inept and mediocre programs. But the Tide should prevail. Again. And again. Heck, there won't be any Mannings for a couple of decades, so we should be safe for years to come. Why do I say this? Because we beat them regularly. Even in our worst campaigns ever, we beat Ole Miss. Always. Mike Shula beat them. Even Mike DuBose beat them.
Which brings me to my topic:

Colonel Rebel. The symbol of the University of Mississippi, the last vestiges of a dying culture, was actually inspired by this man:

"BLIND JIM" IVY was a concessions pioneer who sold peanuts at early Ole Miss football contests. (Editor's Note: Not to be confused with Blind Jim Brewer, the bluesman who fled to Chicago) So, to be historically accurate, shouldn't their mascot look more like this....?

I know it's not 'politically correct' but it is more accurate. And, after the Rebels lose a couple of more ugly games, the fans will be jumping ship. Sipping Mint Juleps and talking about the 'War of Nawthun Aggression'.
If they're gonna switch loyalties, my suggestion would be The Vanderbilt Commodores, with minimal mascot/merchandise changes other than color:

Actually, we're pretty evenly-matched. Not much difference between SEC teams. Bama-Arkansas-Georgia-Kentucky-tennessee. Mississippi State shut LSU down for three quarters, but were killed by their own quarterback. The cow college beat Florida. Heck, the Rebels even took the Gators to the wire...! It's that whole 'any given Saturday' thing....


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Sullivan said...

Thanks for the history lesson on the Ole Miss symbol. I agree the second rendition would more appropriate.

This makes me wonder who inspired Uncle Sam? SS

My prediction for today -

Alabama 14 Ole Miss 6


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