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Monday, October 1, 2007

R-O-N-G (Wrong!)

Well, I proved that I know absolutely NOTHING about college football, specifically Alabama Crimson Tide football. (Apparently, neither do all of the oddsmakers, bettors, prognosticators, commentators, pollsters or talking heads....!)
The Crimson Tide proved me wrong about Saturday, as did most everyone else in the SEC and NCAA Division 1 football competition. I will admit I am a bit of a 'homer', and believe that Alabama will win every game. I even expect it. And I should know better. After years of sub-par performances and disappointment, I should be used to losing. But I'm not. I don't accept it. I know that Coach Saban doesn't expect it, and I know the players certainly don't enjoy the feeling. The boys will improve as I stated in my previous post, and I will support them regardless.
Like I always say, ROLL TIDE ANYWAY!
The lovely stepdaughter and BAMA grad Michelle was in town, and posed with a shy Fifi before the game:

Here's a shot of Fifi by herself sporting her colors:

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