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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Not For Long..... Another Retail Story

Well, this job keeps getting better and better. Retail literally sucks. People of all walks of life from Grand Bay are idiots. Spell it with me: "I-D-I-O-T-S"!
And bastards.
For instance, a young democrat comes in with a pygmy on her hip, asking about a battery. After some qualifying questions, I provide her with all of the information about her needs. She just wants a cheap battery that will fit. I go out & look at her battery dimensions and offer her an inexpensive battery.
She asks if I can install it for her. I smile and reluctantly answer "yes". (In reality, I hate this aspect of the job not only for the sheer dislike of getting greasy, but also for liability issues causing me to question the store's reasoning in continuing this practice) After removing the old and installing the new batteries at the expense of other waiting customers at the counter, the door of the Ford Explorer parked in the next space opens, and the 'baby daddy'(who had been watching the entire time) gets out and proceeds to 'supervise' and verify that this was the cheapest battery, if I knew what I was doing, etc.
I don't actually know if my face was as red or if my anger and disgust showed. I don't know how much longer this will last.

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