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Friday, November 27, 2009

BAMA Twins Watch as TIDE Pulls One Out

Irvington, AL---- Wade and Colton Ellis nervously munched on snacks and leftovers as they watched The University Of Alabama Crimson Tide narrowly escape an upset by auburn in the 2009 Alabama-auburn Game.

Wade seems to be saying "I can't look...!"

After The Tide came from behind in the final
moments, Wade appears to be telling an obviously very distraught Colton that "Yep! I knew we were gonna win all along....!"

Colton almost looks like he's waving and singing the classic "Nah nah Naaah Nah! Nah nah Naaah Nah! Hey, Heeeyy, Hey, ROLLL TIIIDE!! Buh-Bye, auburn.....!"

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