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Friday, August 16, 2013

LAGNIAPPE Debate Coverage 'Disses' Dr. Brown?

The Lagniappe Newspaper, the bi-weekly publication that dubs itself "Something Extra For Mobile", showed a complete lack of respect for mayoral candidate Dr. Doris Brown on their website coverage (which can be seen HERE .) following Tuesday night's debate.
The article, written by Katie Nichols, extensively documents the experienced and well-thought-out responses of both incumbent Mayor Sam Jones and challenger Sandy Stimpson, while completely ignoring the colorful and imaginative Brown. Could this be some hidden agenda or liberal media bias...?
I seriously doubt it.
Apparently, Lagniappe chooses to actually cover THE ISSUES, rather than the 'pie-in-the-sky' ramblings of this character who migrated from Detroit with a store-bought on-line 'doctorate' and a hairpiece to rival that of NewsRadio710AM's Uncle Henry.
Oh, and little or no actual knowledge of Mobile or the workings of civic government.

Good call, Lagniappe.

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