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Thursday, November 7, 2013

BACK!! Back From Back Surgery!

Well, I FINALLY went and had Back Surgery! VERY sore from my new "Spinal Cord Stimulator", but it seems to be having the desired effect-- I CAN SIT! Sit to draw, sit to drive... Just have to get used to a foreign object residing in my body sending electrical impulses, blocking my recurring nerve pain.
"PEANUTS" homage, featuring a Schulz-style caricature of my lovely wife Alice...!
 While I've been away dealing with pain and OTHER personal issues, I DID make time to do a few "Halloween-themed" drawings of a few folks and myself....
Another Charles Schulz tribute featuring Jax and me....

...Oh, and HERE's one of famous radio personality and lifestyle coach/guru Henry Pennington from "The Uncle Henry Show".

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