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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Mobile Carnival Association Floats!

This year, I was commissioned by the Mobile Carnival Association to render the design drawings for a couple of new Mardi Gras floats. One was the "Royal Court" float for the Children's Floral Parade, and the other was a "Royal Swans" float for the King's Parade.
"Rough" design sketches for possible floats for Mobile Carnival Association, based on specific requests from meetings with Judi Gulledge and Edward Ladd

Final "Rough" drawings for detail and placement

Children's Floral "Court Float" designed by Brent Amacker for Carnival Artists

Children's Floral "Swans" designed by Brent Amacker for Carnival Artists
Both floats were built by Craig Stephens and Carnival Artists.

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