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Monday, March 3, 2014

More Mardi Gras Fun Info!

 Well, another Carnival season has come and is almost gone...!
Nice weather and record-setting crowds graced the streets of downtown Mobile for some memorable Mardi Gras parades, making for some true "Bon Temps"...!
 This year, The NEPTUNE'S DAUGHTERS theme was about famous people from Alabama "Stars Fell on Alabama" and featured a float honoring Joe Cain , the man widely recognized as reviving Mardi Gras in Mobile after the "War of Northern Aggression". You can read about him and the holiday set aside in his honor HERE .

 For over 25 years, "Joe Cain as Chief Slacabamarinico" has been portrayed by Reverend Wayne Dean, and, when possible, the sculptors try to give the figure his likeness.
Joe Cain AKA "Chief Slacabamarinico", as portrayed by Reverend Wayne Dean
 Sometimes, this isn't always the case, and the figure will generally more closely resemble the ACTUAL Joe Cain-- based on historical reference and archival photographs.
Neptune's Daughters "Joe Cain" float, designed by Brent Amacker & built by Carnival Artists

"Joe Cain as Chief Slac" bust sculpture. Designed by Brent Amacker, built by Carnival Artists for Neptune's Daughters

Rear view of  "Joe Cain as Chief Slac" sculpture by Carnival Artists for Neptune's Daughters

Detail of Neptune's Daughters "Joe Cain as Chief Slac" figure by Carnival Artists

Heck, I'm even considering making a Comic about the Carnival Mardi Gras Adventures of Chief Slac:
Do you think it would sell...?

Regardless, it's ALL done in the 'Spirit of Mardi Gras', and enjoyed by all!
Lessaiz Le Bon Tempes Roulle!

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