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Sunday, November 23, 2008

How to Get a FREE Hotel Room...AND Breakfast!

It's like this:
We were on the first leg of our trip to Washington, D.C. to visit relatives for Thanksgiving. We had anticipated an earlier departure in order to beat some 'rush hour' traffic, but real life ain't that way. I was a failure in my duties as 'co-pilot', since I was unable to maintain conciousness in spite of doses of coffee and Starbucks Mocha Latte. We had to make the periodic stops for gas, food, and 'twin maintenance'.
One of these stops involved the afore-mentioned "Hazzard County Sheriff" vehicle sighting. ANYhow, after many hours and many miles of travel, it was time to find a hotel for the night. We avoided several establishments in 'questionable' areas, and were unable to locate some in designated locations. We settled on a Drury Inn on the north side of Atlanta. It seemed relatively safe, if not 'upscale'. Well-lit, secure parking lot with a gate and guarded parking lot. Free hot continental breakfast. Perfect.
The desk clerk was polite enough, and as our party waited in the van I procured us a room. After retrieving the keys, we proceeded to unload the van and make our way to the desired accommodations. With twins and luggage in tow, we made our way to the third floor and down the hall to our room. I swiped the key, pushed open the door, and we filed in......and froze.
We were greeted to a couple of unmade beds, some half-filled soda drinks and a television blaring MTV or something. We quietly back-pedaled out of there and I returned to the front desk. I calmly explained that it appeared that the room was indeed occupied. The girl behind the desk was startled and apologetic, and offered to upgrade our room at no extra charge. Same floor, so we didn't have to make a long expedition; just move down the hall.
I went back up the elevator and explained to everyone the deal. We made our way down to the next room, and just as I swiped the key, the desk clerk comes running up the hall.
"Waaaaaaiiiiiit!" she she frantically whispered as she waved wildly and sprinted towards us. "That room is occupied....!" So she had almost sent me into an occupied room for the SECOND time, potentially placing me in danger of being shot as an intruder... again! Damn!
In conclusion, she took us over to one of the suites and ushered us in. "I'm sooooo sorry!", she said. "There is no charge! I'm gonna refund your money!" And, in fact, she did.
We filed in, had her bring us a cot, and settled in for the evening. Mama & Daddy got the fold-out couch, while Jared got the cot. Aunt Alice & Uncle Brent took the twins and slept on the king-size bed in the bedroom.
When we got up and got clean & ready to go, I told Wendell that I had taken care of the room. Breakfast was his responsibility. "No problem!" he said.

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