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Thursday, December 4, 2008

SABAN Domination Drives SEC Coaches Out

Okay. I know this picture is from last year, but now it's relevent. Coach Nick Saban is a 'coach-killer'. Just ask all the guys currently job-hunting. Bowden. Fulmer. Croom. Tuberville.
Ah..... Poor Tubby...! I actually kinda felt bad for the guy...for about a minute! I wanted both him and Fil Phulmer to stick around and take their come-uppance like men!

Could Les Miles be next....? Those crazy bayou cajuns are hollering for HIS head, just one year removed from the BCS Championship.
By the way, here's a good read from a disgruntled LSU fan:

It's great... to BE..... from ALABAMA...!

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