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Sunday, November 23, 2008

How to Rate a Bar-B-Q Restaurant

As we travelled on our journey to D.C., we had occasion to discuss places to eat. In trying to determine which would be best, Wendell and I got on the subject of Barbecue. Since we had never heard of some of these places, we pondered how they would compare to our local favorites.
We just so happened upon a billboard touting a local smoke-pit, prompting Wendell to exclaim "That place HAS to be good-- They have THREE pigs on the sign...!"

Made sense to me.

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Sam said...

Everyone knows Carolina BBQ is the best in all the land.

three pigs (smiling) is a good sign of an excellent eatery of this fine food, but I've found the cheapest form of advertisement (word of mouth) usually leads you to the best BBQ in any town south of the Mason Dixon.

Ask a trusted friend where to eat, or inquire with two or three locals when in town: from there you can see which BBQ palace comes up from their answer.

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